The Real Cause Of Hair Loss

Myths about hair loss abound as to when it happens, why it happens, and who it happens to. Let’s take a moment to talk through the top 5 commonly believed lies about hair loss, and the real cause of it.

  • Myth: Shampoo makes you lose your hair
  • Myth: You inherit hair loss from your mother
  • Myth: Everyone goes bald by 50
  • Myth: Direct sunshine is bad for your hair
  • Myth: Hats cause baldness

So, what causes this disruption and destruction?

Well, 90% of male pattern baldness happens because hair roots were buried in sebum plugs. A mixture of old oil and dirt has buried the hair that was supposed to grow. And because the pores were blocked, only one hair can grow from a pore at most. 90% of American men are bald because of this. With the scalp in this condition, hair growth products can't reach your hair roots. No matter how expensive the hair growth product is, it would never work. It’s like fertilizing a desolated land. Besides, it is super hard to remove the sebum plug from pores! Even if you wash your hair every day, you can’t remove the sebum plugs completely.

It is useless unless you open up the pores to wash hair roots. So... how do I open up the pores? This all can be possible by using "Carbonic Acid Shampoo." Tap the link to learn more!

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