Reducing Gray Is As Easy As Washing Hair.

Guess how old I am?
I’ve been told I look like thirties, well I'm actually 46. Believe it or not, this was what my hair looked like over the past few years.

Hi, I’m Kevin and I'm 46 years old. I've been getting a compliment about my hair lately but this was what my hair looked like two months ago. From my early 30s, I've been finding more gray hairs and even my wife mentioned it too.

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine,
hair follicles have pigment cells that make melanin,
a chemical that gives your hair its color.
As you age, these cells start to die which often begins in the early 30s.  The follicles make less melanin, and this causes gray hair.

Well...I know what you are thinking. 
Just coloring back to its original color is the only and best solution on hiding gray hairs. I assume most of us have already done that!

What Is The Real Cause Of Increased Gray Hair?

The large amount of oxidizing agents in the coloring process break down the natural melanin pigment. Hair gets artificially colored by coating the outside of each hair with chemical dye.That's why your hair seems beautiful right after dyeing. But in fact, deep inside the hair, the melanin that gives you natural color is being broken down!So If you continue using them, you'll end up with more and more gray hair, making you look older!Well…there's no need to dye your hair if you can generate melanin from the root!but the question is how?

SIMFORT:Go from Gray to Great Color

SIMFORT carbonic acid shampoo is the most magical shampoo being talked about all over the U.S.
Just by changing your regular shampoo, you no longer worry about increased gray hair!
It is designed to simply make your hair the most youthful, strong, and moisturized it can be.

Let me tell you about this phenomenal product.During the next 2 minutes, you'll see what makes this product a game-changer.

Simfort includes very effective ingredients called
- 'Swertia Japonica Extract'!

Research has shown that it has a good effect on producing melanin, and it's one of the hottest natural agents out there!

This ingredient is delivered deep into the skin by SIMFORT's unique "carbonated foam".

Let's compare how good it is!
These super thick bubbles are carbonated!
Simfort's carbonate density is 8X that of head spas at beauty salons!
The ultra-dense micro bubbles are 1/2000th the size of a hair pore. So, they can absorb and remove bad oils and grime from fine pores for a clean scalp!

No matter how stubborn the dirt and buildup are, the fine foam will not damage your scalp, but will cleanse deep into the pores!So even if you use dry shampoo like you usually do, you'll always have a clean and healthy scalp thanks to this!

 The power of strong carbonic acid is what makes it possible to achieve this level of lather even without the use of harmful ingredients!

It corrects the distortion of hair roots, delivers Swertia Japonica Extract throughout, and regenerates the original color of your hair from the roots up!The cleansing power of carbonic acid can also prevent hair thinning caused by dirty pores containing a complete blend of seven agents that promote hair growth, so you can expect to see more volume!

Meet the Men of Action
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①I blamed it on genetics and gave up, but that was so dumb! My gray hair, which had been bothering me since the late 20s, went back to almost its original color in just two months!
I can definitely see the difference in my hair.
More youthful, voluminous and no longer need to hide my gray hairs!! Simfort for life.


This is the first time I use a shampoo that comes out as bubble foam. I was so surprised at the moist feeling after shampooing, which I have never experienced with any other shampoo I have used before. 
Let's boost the self-esteem by restoring your natural hair color like I did!!


②After a week, the change was fast! My wife told me I look way younger now.

I've been getting compliments on my hair quite frequently! I love using foam shampoo so it really feels like I'm getting a good wash and making my hair back to the original color. No more dying hair!!


I always thought I had to deal with headaches and ED if I wanted to grow some hair But this one has no side effects at all.

Been using the shampoo for about a month and noticed less hair is falling out!

The hair is very healthy and the texture has improved and less hair being seen in my combs and brushes.

Surprisingly,86% of SIMFORT users have regained their original hair color and also achieved hair growth!

The product has become so popular that it's even being featured in famous magazines like GQ, Wired and Golf Digest.
No matter what your hair type, SIMFORT carbonic shampoo is exactly what you need.

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