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The hair growth industry's first carbonated Simfort Scalp Shampoo.
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 It only took me 3 weeks to grow my hair back!
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"Worries about losing hair" as we get older...
Many people try to take care of their skin but it doesn't get any better, or they just give up.
But one of the characteristics of people who are still cool in their 40s and 50s is strong and bouncy hair.

Hair growth shampoo with the highest concentration of carbonic acid that's helped many people with hair issues.
Have you tried 'SIMFORT'?
Simfort is a hair growth shampoo that quickly sold over 500,000 units since release and is still selling like crazy.

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Simfort is loved and continue to sell out

Simfort is a scalp shampoo containing active agents known for
their effectiveness in promoting hair growth and regrowth.

One of the major causes of thinning hair is poor blood circulation in the scalp, which prevents nutrients from reaching the hair.
Simfort contains ingredients that promote blood flow, and seven active agents including 'Astragalus Membranaceus' extract, used in hair growth products!

Also, Simfort has 8X the carbonate concentrate of head spas!
At 8000 PPM, it's the HIGHEST CONCENTRATION in the industry!

This carbonic acid power creates a stretchy elastic foam.
This carbonation power allows the stretchy elastic foam to firmly absorb oils and scrub away dirt!

So just by changing your regular shampoo, you can see a big difference...!

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NOTICE: This testimonial is based on the experience of this consumer alone, and you are not likely to have similar results.