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Thanks to the best hair growth item recommended by dermatologist, the number of people regaining their confidence is growing fast!
Over 500,000 units sold in 2020!

As you get older, losing confidence in your hair?
Do you have hair that falls out every day and is scattered everywhere?
When you look at your head in the mirror after taking a shower, you can totally see your scalp…The truth is! 
It only takes a minute to solve those problems.I've found a hair care product that's exploding in popularity among people in their 30s to 60s! What you need to do is clear and super easy.
All you have to do is change your daily shampoo.

It's truly amazing!
By the way, here's how much my hair's changed in just a few months!

"Too good to be true?"Actually, I (37 years old)  started having problems in my early 30s...
I started taking care of my skin in a hurry!

The results! 3 months later…

I tried everything, with no results at all!I was really disappointed...The money I spent in the past 3 months…

I spent a lot of money and kept taking care of my head for nothing.
But there was a clear reason why nothing had changed on top…If you’re not confident about your hair, You might have scalp problems!?
In fact, men with thinning hair have one thing in common.    That is your pores are clogged with bad oils!

These hardened fatty oils block pores.It's a serious issue caused by unwanted oils blocking the pores.

Hair roots buried in this stuff are literally suffocating - quite dangerous.

No matter what kind of hair growth product you use, it's like using fertilizer on dead land - completely ineffective.

What's worse is...These blocking fats also cause age-related odor…

Unfortunately, even regular shampoos that cost a lot can only remove superficial dirt from the scalp 
- but not this hardened thick fatty substance.

Even worse, if you wash more often and harder, you'll just damage the hair roots and cause more hair loss.
It can also cause thinning hair to get worse...

So what should I do...?
Well, we've found a way to clear away all that grime!

【The good news】Carbonic acid can remove
all the grime from your pores!

It's a method doctors have focused on for scalp care.
]The way to do this is to wash your head with carbonated water!
You see, carbonic acid washes all the grime from pores.

This dirt-absorbing foam helps get rid of built-up grime and unwanted pore-clogging grease.
Just mix in the shower, and get everything out!

But, it's not easy to wash your hair with carbonated water every time at a carbonated head spa.

And so!There's a way to wash your hair with 8X the concentration of carbonic acid used in carbonated head spas!

【Big in the U.S!】A great way to wash your head is with carbonated water!

It's big in the U.S. with people who've got hair issues. Carbonated foam is a well-known hit in the US.

This carbonated foam is now big in the U.S. with commercials everywhere. Over 500,000 units sold in 2020!

It's already a sensation!

Since I started washing my head with carbonated foam, everything's changed! The foam is rich and fluffy, and I feel so refreshed after using it! Scalp condition is important, right?                                                             【 41 years old】

My hair stylist friend told me about this product and I started using it. Since I started, my hair has become more lively!
The rich 'foaminess' feels so good, too!  
 (36 years old)

Even though I'm over 61 years old, I still look like this.With other hair-growth products, I sometimes forget to use them because it's too much hassle every day. But this is a shampoo, so I never forget to use it, and I've been using it for a year now!                               (61 years old)

After using it,  
A shock to the scalp for a man in his 40s!?

Here's the carbonated foam that's saved many guys with hair problems, including me!


Sure, it's shampoo, but...It's got 8X the carbonate concentration of a head spa!That means 8,000 ppm!

Stretchy elastic foam created by the power of carbonic acidIt absorbs all those unwanted oils.

What's even more impressive is its effect on blood circulation!

That's why SIMFORT gives you results you can see right away!

It also contains 7 active ingredients like Astragalus Membranaceus extract, used in hair growth products.

I’m in my 40s, and I’ve been working on my scalp...
It arrived just two days after I ordered it!

The key is carbonated foam…

The bubbles come out in a super-rich powerful puff!It has a menthol fragrance - so refreshing!
When I tried to wash my scalp, I quickly found▼

The second I put it on my head, it just swooshes and feels so good!
Then after about two months, I really started to feel confident about my hair!

I looked it up later and found out it's been featured in some top magazines!

That's right...It combines the know-how of a hair growth product with the benefits of a shampoo!
It's also a hot topic on social media!

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