Twice As Effective As Minoxidil

Mow do you identify hair growth products that do not work.
There's no need to worry about receding hairlines or a thinning crown anymore all types of hair loss can be cured.

I'm a 38 year old guy with male pattern baldness.

I have been suffering from hair loss since my 20s and spent over $ 1,000 bucks on Minoxidil, Finasteride, and Biotin, products well none of them worked.

Those risky medications caused me constant headaches and always ended up seeking help from doctors.Those hair growth products you bought will NEVER WORKIt doesn't stop the REAL CAUSE of hair loss.


I didn't really believe him at first. But after 3 weeks.
This side of my hair that was thinning started to grow.
I can feel my hair is smoother and it looks much fuller and thicker.

The real cause of my baldness was SEBUM PLUGS!Actually, 90% of male pattern baldness happens because hair roots were buried in sebum plugs.

A mixture of old oil and dirt has buried the hair that was supposed to grow and because the pores were blocked.

Only one hair can grow from a pore.At most 90% of American men are bald because of this with the scalp in this condition hair growth products can't reach your hair roots.

No matter how expensive the hair growth product is, it will never work.

So what exactly does carbonic acid do? Simply put, it clears out sebum plugs, which are excessive dirt and sweat in the scalp allowing the hair to grow naturally and freely. Carbonic acid has extreme absorbent ability, allowing it to suck up all the dead cells and dirt that clog up the pores.

It's like fertilizing a desolate land.Besides, it is super hard to remove the sebum plugs from pores.
Even if you wash your hair everyday.

you can't remove the sebum plugs completelyIt is useless unless you open up the pores to wash hair roots.

And this all can be possible by using “Carbonic Acid Shampoo” that is recommended by dermatologists.

What are people saying about it?

Over the past 10 Years, I have tried everything but nothing worked.

But after using carbonic acid shampoo my hair started to grow.

My girlfriend even though I got a hair transplant.

People used to think I was around 40 because of my thinning hair but my daughter just told me that she thinks I look younger!

I always thought that I had to deal with headaches and ED if I wanted to grow some hair But this one has no side effects !!

It's been only a month and I can barely see my scalp now!

It is so effective that people called it the best “Self-care hair growth treatment”

It uses a totally different method to regrow hair and it was featured on magazines such as GQ, WIRED and Golf Digest!

The most advanced hair-growth shampoo. It's called SIMFORT !!

Let me explain why SIMFORT is effective for thinning hair.The secret of SIMFORT is carbonic acid.

For example, carbonated water has a concentration of 500ppm.

Carbonic Acid Therapy has about 1000ppm.

But SIMFORT has 8 times the amount of absorption 8000PPM.

Look at its absorption power!

The expansion power of dense carbonic acid can open the pores and suck up all the dead cells and dirt that clogged the pores.

In the first week, the dirt and pore even turned the bubbles black! Since the buried hair is able to breathe now.

Hair growth products can finally reach hair roots!That's why 90% of SIMFORT users have succeeded in hair growth in one month.

After 1 week of use I can tell my hair was much smootherAnd after 3 weeks my hair was getting so much fuller and thicker!

There's a secret to growing hair at this unbelievable speed that is SIMFORT can improve our blood circulation!

Let's apply some SIMFORT shampoo on our skin 1 min later, you can see our body temperature is getting so much higher!

The blood flow will bring back the dead pores to life which means it can grow hair again!

It stimulates both the buried hair and new hair to grow incredibly fast!

That's why SIMFORT is twice as effective as minoxidil!

Many famous Instagram Influencers also recommend SIMFORT and show their results.

But the only thing is….
SIMFORT is kind of expensive.
The price is $ 49.00

Still, Simfort has gone viral for its unbelievable hair growing speed!

It has always sold out drugstores and supermarkets ,,, EVERYWHERE!

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It only took me 3 weeks to grow my hair back!

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If you notice your hairline is receding or you want people to stop making fun of your hair loss!

You need to change your shampoo to SIMFORT right now !!

Nothing will change in your life if you don't do something different dermatologists recommend carbonic acid shampoo “ SIMFORT ”

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NOTICE: This testimonial is based on the experience of this consumer alone, and you are not likely to have similar results.