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Restore your natural hair color and say goodbye to gray. No extra dyes, fancy supplements, or silly gimmicks––Simfort allows you to effortlessly switch out your daily shampoo with an effective solution that restores pigment to your hair using natural active ingredients.

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I've been using Simfort for about 6 months and I can definitely see the difference in my hair. More youthful, voluminous and no longer need to hide my gray hairs!! Simfort for life.


This is the first time I use a shampoo that comes out as bubble foam. I was so surprised at the moist feeling after shampooing, which I have never experienced with any other shampoo I have used before.


Since I've started using Simfort, my scalp is deep cleaned and my gray hairs are reduced. Thanks to the Sparkling Scalp Shampoo, I just change my daily shampoo and no longer worry about increased gray hairs.


I've been getting compliments on my hair quite frequently! I love using foam shampoo so it really feels like I'm getting a good wash and making my hair back to the original color. No more dying hair!!


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