Simfort: Best Hair Growth Products for Men

So Silky, So Smooth, So You

Let's Make Your Hair Happen

Revitalize Your Hair Without Harmful Chemicals

SIMFORT only uses plant-derived ingredients to take care of your scalp and stimulate new hair growth. So there are no side effects, only effects.

We don't test our products on animals at any point during production.

Parabens can disrupt hormone function and have even been linked to different types of cancer. That’s why we keep SIMFORT free and clear of harmful ingredients.


Deep Cleanse Your Scalp and Hair


Increase Blood Circulation in Scalp


Stimulate Hair Growth With Natural Ingredients

Santos - FL

I've used it for about 4 times now, I wasn't really going through too much of a loss, but it really makes my hair feel thick and kid of full again!

Lawrence - ATL

This is the first time I use a shampoo that comes out as bubble foam. I was so surprised at the moist feeling after shampooing, which I have never experienced with any other shampoo I have used before.

Richard - NYC

I love the fact that I have healthy hair. I get complimented on how thick my hair is quite frequently! Lately I’ve been using Simfort sparkling scalp shampoo to give my head the extra boost it needs to give me my healthiest hair possible. I love using foam shampoo so it really feels like I’m getting a good washing! I encourage you to try it out for sure!

Evan - CA

The California sun and heat were making my hair dry and brittle...until I started using Simfort. Now, my scalp is deep cleaned and my hair is strong and soft to the touch thanks to the Sparkling Scalp Shampoo and Hair Treatment. For all the sunny days ahead, try Simfort. Your hair will thank you later!

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