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Feels Great!

My hair and scalp feel fresh and clean after using your shampoo. It leaves my hair soft and manageable. Thanks!

Roseville CA

I started using your Simfort shampoo right after I got my second vaccination shot and don’t know if the tenderness on my scalp was related, although I will say that I’m super excited to see some results! It’s been two weeks now that I’ve been using the shampoo and I’m anxious to see if this helps my thinning.

Happy customer

Second week of using the product seems to be growing


This item delivers what promesis. I'm very happy every since I use it.


Too early to tell yet.

I just received the shampoo/cleanser in mail a few days ago. It leaves my scalp feeling refreshed, though.

Shampoo Product - I think its working

I am enjoying the product and think its working, unlike other products that claim to have the same effect, hair regrowth, I personally feel my hair is fuller and I am hopeful that there is some regrowth. Also, whats nice about the company is that if you get an email about your next order and can switch the shipment date.

SIMFORT: feels good on my head and helping my hair rejuvenate.

It really works

I love it I couldn’t ask for a better product

Best out of all hair product

Of all the hair product i used, this have the best result so far at least least i dont lose hair anymore

Great Shampoo!

I ordered the shampoo and was skeptical, but after using it now for 6weeks I can see a difference. Hair looks healthier and definitely noticed how less I lose hair now. Awesome stuff, I’d recommend to anyone looking to buy it. Thanks SIMFORT

Good stuff so far : )

It has only been 1 week since I started using this mousse shampoo, however...the pores on my scalp are noticeably cleaner. How do I know this? Because it’s very obvious, the pores are not clogged as before, there is less buildup of sebum, and less clogged pores which sometimes turn to pimples. Gross. But like it said, it is cleaner. My wife has even ditched her shampoo and wants to use mine now. So far so good, pretty impressive for 1 week.

So far so good

Haven’t been using the products for long but it’s been making me scalp feel more refreshed. Only issue I’ve been having is using double the conditioner cause I have long hair


Price point is high, way overhyped for a shampoo. Doesn’t really do anything

No Longer Reluctant, Great Results.

I wanted to return my first order because I had buyers remorse. Was angry because I thought I paid too much. I reluctantly kept the order and used the product 3x's a week anyway.

At the start I had a scalp condition as thick as a 1/8" cuticle all over my scalp. Aweful...with hair loss. End of first week using Simsoft 90% of my scalp was baby fresh clear again and hair loss ended.

End of 2nd week scalp was clear 100% with a fullness of head hair and 0 hair loss.

I continue to enjoy my results and after 2 bottles of shampoo (and thoroughly massaging my scalp during each application) "fine" new hair strands are starting to layer in with my remaing hair.

Placed my second order of 3 bottles without hesitation or any reluctance whatsoever.

An amazing product

Simfort is an amazing product that I will highly recommend, Sometimes you need to step away from the large mass marketers and actually try a different product. I did and I'm ecstatic about the results. I first tried Simfort to address scalp issues now thought to be the cause of corporate shampoo. Simfort truly offers an alternative and it works! Very glad that I gave this product a try, I will continue as long as they produce. I couldn't be happier with the results. I use all natural hair products to help with the hair loss situation I’ve been dealing with for a few years now and so far all I’ve got is using all natural products to at least stop more from falling out, I’m on the first week and a half with this (plus another natural shampoo) and so far so good, like I said digging the feel but you definitely have to wash your hair first, (rinse, lather, repeat method) but doesn’t usually take longer that the first wash to get the bulk of grease out to get a better feel for it, I personally wash with an all natural shampoo first then use simfort, and I will say it seems a lot more comfortable massaging this into the scalps than most shampoos I’ve used, but anyway giving this the benefit as of right now, nothing I can really say negative other than definitely needing more than one wash to get it in. I’ll have to check in once my usage is up and see if there is any noticeable difference other than using all natural shampoos

Great product

Simfort is a new revolutionary product. It works like a charm and I will recommend it to anyone I know.


Simfort Shampoo

Simply The Best Shampoo I've Ever Used ! It cleans my scalp like no other shampoo I've tried, and I've tried plenty.


Love it

I have been seeing some results 😁😁

Less hair in the towel

Since I've been using the Simfort shampoo I've been noticing little to no hair in the towel after drying my hair from the shower. So I'm happy with the results so far and hopefully I will start seeing some new growth coming in.

Works really well!

I tried a lot of different shampoos and I kept balding but with this my hair has grown overtime!