Reviews for Mens Hair Growth Products

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Feels good

Definitely cleans scalp better than any shampoo I've ever used before. Has a nice cool tingling feeling. Have to wait to see if there is any regrowth.


Im back baby!!

Had some health issues that caused me to have thin hair. Saw this product, tired it out and helped so much with my confidence and a healthy head of hair.

Larry Goodman

It appears to be working. I’m on my second bottle and I would strongly recommend this product.

Thicker Hair

Hair getting thicker. Best advice to self is to keep going and stay consistent with use for the future of having healthier hair.


So far so good haven’t feel or see anything yet first week first bottle

Simfort works

Simfort really works, it’s a game changer

just starting out.

Been using for 5 to 6 weeks. So far i like the product for my hair. Going to give it some time to see.

It works

My spot is shrinking

Simfort for long hair

Shampoo is great my hair feels great. Still in my first month. I wish the shampoo would cover all my hair i feel i have to wash it in two parts. To get the ends of my hair. But so far so good

Full hair

Awesome product

Have More Hair in All the Right Places

Simfort works like magic. My hair is much fuller and thicker since using this product. Works so well, I had to change my subscription from every other month to once every four months. Hair growing so well, I don’t have to use it everyday like I did in the beginning. Fantastic product.

Surprise hair growth

Your product is slowly growing hair where it was thinning

Best shampoo ever

Since I started using simfort shampoo I noticed after about six weeks that the volume of my hair increased . A real one not like other shampoos that coat your strands of hair and give an illusion that it fuller but one you can see, and others

Great 👍 stuff!

I am 60 years old and started to notice a little thinning, so I purchased some Simfort and took pictures of the top of my head to watch progress and hair started growing out of some of my dormant follicles once sebems cleaned out plus some follicles are growing multiple hairs.

Exciting shampoo!

I’m so like to use shampoo from Japan for useful. I can use next one more month.

Happy Customer

SIMFORT is a very great product that I have used for the last year and will continue to enjoy this product as long as I can purchase it. I have had no bad side effects and it has been easy to apply, Thank-you for your service.
Happy Customer,
Rex Wade

Will it work?

Like most people, I am very skeptical about products like this. With all their claims and clinical trials, it all seems like a money-grab. Well, to my surprise this product appears to be working. Very slowly, but working. I am still on the first can and use it every other day. I now have thin hairs coming back in places that were completely bald. It took about five weeks for any signs of hair growth.
Listen, this product is not a hair growth miracle. It simply cleans your scalp really well to unclog pores. It may not work for every one. Hey it may not work for most people. Who knows. Give it a try and see.
If your looking for a miracle in a can and expect overnight results you will be disappointed. Have realistic expextations and patience. You may be surprised like I was.

Great product

Cleans my scalp and makes my hair thick strands and strong

An awesome shampoo

My hair doesnt fall much anymore. Thanks to this shampoo.



Fernando Crespo


Still works

I have been using Simfort shampoo for 10 months- I have more hair than I had before, and seem to be keeping it! I feel the product is worth the money.

AWESOME product.