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Is too soon . Give me the feeling it is working. But I dont know.

For the love of hair

Been using the shampoo nightly and am happy so far. Looking forward to seeing more hair

Working a little at a time

Seeing some new growth in the front but none on the top/back bald spot.

I’m actually thinking about renewing my subscription because I think I’m beginning to get results after a much longer period of time than expected.

Optimistic About the Long-Term Results

I have been using the Simfort shampoo and conditioner for about three months and it seems to be making a difference. I still use Minoxidil too so I think the Simfort product helps it be more effective? Maybe it does unclog my hair follicles. I will keep using for a few months to see how it goes.

The best shampoo 🧴

This shampoo overall is the best it don't have all them harsh chemicals in it. My hair is getting better everyday

Great stuff!

My hair is growing where it hasn't been for a long time. Thanks!

My hair feels like it is coming back slowly. The crazy thing is it looks, to me, like it is getting darker. I love it and I will keep using it.

Great Results

I went into this like I'm sure many others do thinking, can this really work?
So far, I'm happy to report that it does!
Since I started using the treatment my hair has gotten filter fuller and stopped falling.
It feels healthier.
Thank you.

Great stuff!

This is the best product I've ever used! After a few months My hair line became more visual. The tiny thinning hairs the on the top of my head started to grow back and looking fuller. Don't know if it will make my hair grow back 100% but it has made a big difference. I totally recommend this product to anyone that's losing their hair. I've been using Simfort for 9 months now and will continue.

So far so good

Pretty lengthy process but I see the progression. I feel pretty good about this product

Awesome products

Products make my hair feel great. Would recommend to anyone for their hair. Keep the products coming

Great Product

My hair is definitely thicker and looks and feels healthier. No chance I'm going back to typical shampoos again!

Review by a health scientist

This rating is on Simfort's excellent customer service, their open sharing of all reviews, both good and bad, and their plausible theory that blocked hair follicles could be the cause of most hair loss. The popular theory blaming DHT seems clearly nonsensical to me, as if this were real, it should be a much worse problem around age 18, when testosterone, the precursor of DHT, is at highest levels. I've only been using the product for 2 weeks, so I don't see new hair yet but hopefully I will over the next few months. I'm using the shampoo once a day in mornings. Did not buy the conditioner so I can't comment on that. I find raw organic coconut oil works fine as a conditioner for me. My focus as a scientist and consultant is on natural ways of reversing "aging" and degenerative disease, and maximizing immunity without potentially deadly vaccines, which are killing huge numbers right now. Hair loss is a very widespread concern, so I hope to be able to report in a few months that Simfort works. For now I can say my experience with the company has been excellent.
Richard Sacks, Host
Lost Arts Radio
Independent health scientist since 1965
Essene teacher and private consultant
Founder, Lost Arts Research Institute and Planetary Healing Club
lostartsradio dot com



Ya no se me cae el cabello

Luego de aplicarme SIMFORT duante 9 semanas, todos los dias, se detuvo por completo la caida y me crece nuevo cabello, brillante, sedoso y mas grueso.

Works great and my hair feels fantastic.

Amazing product

Washing hair with this product, leaves hair looking and feeling very healthy and slight tingle to the scalp upon gentle massage in shower.
You all might want to emphasize in future advertising etc. that this is a product for the long haul. For those interested in instant results, they can go to Bosley.

I am using the product one time a day go a almost 2 weeks.
My hair is feeling soft and smooth but I have not see any difference yet on hair growing.


Who knows....

I've gone thru a lot of products and I've narrowed it down to your and one other product. It's stopped the shedding, that's the most important to me ...

And the journey begins!!

Came across simfort on youtube and decided to purchase and test it out, my hair has been thinning for sometime now and i hope this helps

I don't she my shampoo yes