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Real reviews.
Real Results.

Reviews for Mens Hair Growth Products

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This stuff really works check my 5 week photos

After 5 weeks I can definitely notice a difference. My scalp is not oily and greasy anymore I never have dandruff anymore. My hair feel soft and healthy. I'm excited to see what the next 5 weeks bring. I purchased the shampoo and conditioner together. I feel they work best with both. The shampoo straps away all the oil and grease from your scalp while the conditioner gives an amazing tingling sensation that makes you feel like it's working immediately. The conditioner is makes your hair and scalp look and feel great. But you have to start with a clean scalp.

It actually works

Yes it cost a little bit more than I wanted to pay but I feel like I'm getting the results after two months

I can't believe in 5 weeks (between haircuts) - my barber took the photos. This stuff worked. I'm gonna go another month.

This stuff works GREAT. I never thought this could happen.

My hair is healthy

That's what my hair stylists said about my hair and I had never heard before until using simfort

Works well so far

I’ve been Usin

Best shampoo HANDS DOWN

I’ve used simfort for awhile and I absolutely LOVE it. It feels really good and makes my hair really healthier. I used to lose a lot of hair in the shower but I actually don’t anymore.



Hair is growing

Yeh, I am seeing little hairs!

My stinky skull smell better now

As I get older my skull get stinkier, I tried different brands of typical shampoo I can get from store, but none of them work. However, Simfort not only slowly make my skull stink less, but also slow down my hair loss. Even it is expensive, but I am still using it. Cuz it works!

My hair looked felt better after first use amazing best I've ever had

I didn't receive my order

Great product

Using the shampoo and conditioner for a few months and can see a big improvement. Thick and healthier hair and have noticed that my hair has stopped falling out and starting to get fuller.

Let there be Hair!!

I have tried many hair products over the years. I gave up about 3 years ago. Seen an as for SIMFORT! I decided to try it out, not expecting it to work. I used it once and could actually feel it working. I shaved, my head, wanting to see if it was working. About 3 days later, I started to notice new growth in my problem spots. My hair is still thin, but i will finish the bottles, seeing where the hair line is. Most likely re-order and continue using this product.

It works

I noticed hair growth in just 2 weeks

fantastic shampoo

This shampoo does actually help with hair growth. I have been using this shampoo for over a year now and a lot of my hair started growing back again


Just starded my journey

Just starded my treatment hopefully hair will get more volume

Hubby loves this product

I bought this product for my husband for Christmas, he hasn’t even been using it a month yet and we can tell a difference! He is so thankful for it


Healthy hair

I just started using Simfort and my hair feels softer and cleaner.


Works Great Hair is Thicker

I've had good success with this product and notice that my hair seems to be healthier and thicker, and maybe even hides a few gray hairs.