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John Given MD - A physician and medical researcher becomes a believer

A man and physician, I began androgenic hair loss at age 17 and, over the ensuing years, "tried everything." Resigned to just give up any hope, I was approaching near end-stage male pattern baldness at age 69. This final phase included loss of nearly all of the previous 2000 transplanted hairs. Over all those years, I had consistently noticed and wondered about the significance of the sebum plug at the base of each fallen hair. With that as background, the Simfort infomercial captured my interest by addressing this issue of the sebum plug. It was a pathophysiologic explanation which made sense to me from a medical and scientific standpoint. I decided to give Simfort a try knowing I would have to remain compliant for a minimum of 3 months. After all, although male pattern hair loss is relentless, it takes place gradually. I knew it would take at least a few months before I could expect any visible results. During the first month, I noticed that fallen hairs on my clothes and workspace became fewer and then stopped altogether. I sampled and inspected some intact hairs. None showed the "plug" which I had seen so consistently before starting Simfort. Intrigued by these observations, I continued daily use. As the 3-month interval passed, I noticed more changes. Not major, definite changes were noticeable to someone like myself who had carefully inspected his scalp and fallen hairs so many, many times before. The changes, which included some tiny hairs at the periphery and several new hairs appeared in the middle of a completely bald area! Impressed but not completely convinced, I continued daily use of Simfort. At the 6-month mark, my wife could verify my observation of new hair growth. This was the first and only time I observed a positive change during my fifty year battle with hair loss. Now, well over a year since starting, I am now an enthusiastic advocate for Simfort. At this point, others can "see a difference" in my hairline. My hair loss has stopped and a gradual reversal is underway now that I can protect my hair follicle from stifling sebum buildup. It takes time. l have no illusions of hair restoration to that of a sixteen year-old but ... recovery is continuing. I will never stop using Simfort. My two sons, also showing early hair loss, have begun using Simfort. I encourage them to stay with it. "Be patient ... but stay with it." This product should be evaluated further from a scientific standpoint. This important advance in understanding and treatment of male pattern baldness debunks the other theories and claims with a straightforward explanation and solution: The final step of androgenic hair loss is the cumulative toxic effect sebum accumulation within the hair follicle. Over time the damaged follicle atrophies and involutes. What is the key biochemical change in sebum composition? Not known. Why confined to the scalp? Not known. The point is this. The final step leading to visible hair loss is accumulation of sebum. This can be ameliorated through regular dissolution of dysfunctional sebum by the components in Simfort shampoo.

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Eugene Cornelius

I have been using the shampoo and conditioner for about a week now and I can definitely feel a difference on the surface of my scalp and what I am most excited about is the fact that my hair already has much thicker and more voluminous look to it, which I absolutely love. I have also found my hair does not begin to show any signs of oiliness by the end of the day. Very excited about your product so far and am eager to see outcome after three months.

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Stephan Mirando - Extra clean feel

Once I really learned to work up a healthy lather with this shampoo, and especially when using with a rubber scalp massage tool in the shower, I leave it on for a minute or two, and I can definitely feel the cleanliness on my scalp. I even notice a tingle sometimes throughout the day. However, I recommend following up with a good conditioner, I use one with biotin. Will be using Simfort for the foreseeable future!

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Leonard Rubin

I have been using Simfort for many months (possibly a year; I can't remember), and have noticed my little bald spot on the top of my head actually shrinking. And my gray hair, which before I started using Simfort, was getting lighter (whiter), but since I started using Simfort, the graying has stopped in its track, i.e., it's not getting any grayer than it had been almost a year ago. Wow!

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John Romita - Works for me! Very Pleased!

I’ve been using all sorts of products to improve hair loss for 20 years. Results were always minimal at best. Since using Simfort shampoo and conditioner, my hair has actually grown where I haven’t had ANY for years! I’ve been at it for about five months now and I don’t intend to stop. My wife is amazed at the results I’m getting. I now go outside without a baseball cap! Simfort works for me! Thank you Simfort!

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Months later my hair is thicker

I really do feel like after a few months my hair got thicker. I think a bald spot that was happening went away, this stuff clearly works, you just have to keep your scalp moist I noticed. Using spray in addition to the shampoo is key. I feel like my hair if full again and I am so happy. It also takes care of dandruff! I haven’t had flakes at all anymore! This stuff is worth every penny, and if it’s all psychological and isn’t working, the. They tricked me to keep using it!

Thirty+ days

Definitely cleans deeper, pores on nose and around fingernails. Hair growth, well about a days take home pay for resupply is steep for me.

This stuff really works check my 5 week photos

After 5 weeks I can definitely notice a difference. My scalp is not oily and greasy anymore I never have dandruff anymore. My hair feel soft and healthy. I'm excited to see what the next 5 weeks bring. I purchased the shampoo and conditioner together. I feel they work best with both. The shampoo straps away all the oil and grease from your scalp while the conditioner gives an amazing tingling sensation that makes you feel like it's working immediately. The conditioner is makes your hair and scalp look and feel great. But you have to start with a clean scalp.

It actually works

Yes it cost a little bit more than I wanted to pay but I feel like I'm getting the results after two months

I can't believe in 5 weeks (between haircuts) - my barber took the photos. This stuff worked. I'm gonna go another month.

It's okay

I don't know it this product really works. But maybe it's helping to keep what I've got.

Great Products

Great Shampoo! Simfort stopped my hair from shedding, and I have lots or regrowth!


I like this shampo, my scalp always itched and I did not have dandruff. Simfort shampo stopped it, it isn't greasy and leaves my hair nice and clean and smells good.

Great Product

I love Simfort. I was losing my hair in clumps that you could see in the shower. Since I've used Simfort every morning, I never see more than one hair or often times none. It's a great product, easy to use and at my age (75), I'm getting more compliments on my hair than when I was 30.


Great product m fully satisfied

Does it really work

Haven't had any results hair still falling out. What I found out is that it also takes a healthier diet and healthier lifestyle. While most of us don't live that way it becomes more difficult to get the full results. So in my opinion it takes more than just a shampoo....😕

Great Product and Works as Advertised

I've had great luck with this product, and it has really improved the overall health of my hair and scalp, and something I plan to use long term.

Thanks Simfort!


Even this app has a flaw. I can report that im happy with this item and that i want to cancel receiving the product in review but not reach the site in any way to cancel the product. I thought this kind of stuff was illegal

Not all what it's advertised to be

It's a good scalp cleaner, especially if you dye your hair. It does help a little with hair fall but it does not help to grow hair. I have been using it for almost a year now and haven't seen that happen.


Better than I expected. I haven’t seen the results yet but, my hair looks thinker.


I have used the shampoo for close to three weeks. My hair looks good. I have not noticed any new hair growth at this time.

Hair feels clean

Hair and scalp feels clean...smells good...still deliberating on hair growth process as it's been a short period of time..

Leaves scalp feeling cleaner

I've been using it since I fell ill to COVID-19 and lost a bit of hair and even though my hair loss stopped I still enjoy using it as it makes my scalp and hair feel cleaner.

It works

I was skeptical but it works to keep hair thicker and I have had some regrowth. I am happy with the result but have patience.

More Simfort please

I like the shampoo and the Conditioner last longer than the Shampoo so I have more conditioner than shampoo. Seems to clean quite well.

Horse Shoe Head, Not Yet.

My father and older brother both had the infamous horse shoe hair in their 30's. I've been using SIMFORT for years and I 'm in my 50's with a full head of hair. Thank you SIMFORT!

Sorprendentemente activo para recuperar cabello perdido.

Nunca me imagine que con solo un champu, podria llegar a tanto. No solo bloquea el proceso de caida del cabello, sino lo hidrata y lo pone muy suave. Pero, hay que ser constantes, todos los dias, y mucha paciencia para obtener verdaderos resultados. Lo recomiendo ampliamante.

Hair growth

When I first ordered the shampoo and conditioner , I had receding hair line ( bald ).

Now I have hair growing and this is why I keep using their products.