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What Causes Hair Loss?

The real cause of hair loss is sebum plugs! Actually, 90% of male pattern baldness happens because hair roots were buried in sebum plugs. A mixture of old oil and dirt has buried the hair that was supposed to grow. And because the pores were blocked, only one hair can grow from a pore at most. 90% of American men are bald because of this.

With the scalp in this condition, hair growth products can't reach your hair roots. No matter how expensive the hair growth product is, it will never work. It’s like fertilizing a desolate land.

Hair Loss

The Key To Solving Hair Loss

It is super hard to remove the sebum plugs from pores. Even if you wash your hair every day, you can’t remove the sebum plugs completely. What’s more, the scalp is very likely to be damaged by frictions. So scrubbing your hair hard with shampoo is only going to cause more hair damage and hair loss. It is useless unless you open up the pores to wash hair roots.

And this all can be possible by using "Carbonic Acid Shampoo" that is recommended by dermatologists. The special properties of carbonic acid help it absorb deteriorating proteins (sebum plugs is composed mostly of these proteins). So the tiny acidic foaming action does not only remove the dirt from your scalp but leaves it moisturized, and there will be no friction to damage your scalp.

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The secret of SIMFORT's hair growth power is carbonic acid. For example, carbonated water has a concentration of 500 ppm. Carbonic acid therapy has about 1000 ppm. But SIMFORT has eight times the amount of absorption, 8000 ppm. The expansion power of dense carbonic acid can open the pores, and suck up all the dead cells and dirt that clogged the pores.

Also, there's a secret to growing hair at this unbelievable speed: SIMFORT can improve our blood circulation. The blood flow will bring back the dead pores to life, which means it can grow hair again. It stimulates both the buried hair and new hair to grow incredibly fast. That's why 90% of SIMFORT users have been satisfied with the results.

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