Get A Heroes Head Of Hair - Fortero

Get A Heroes Head Of Hair - Fortero

The Complete Hair Growth Arsenal: 
Fortero Carbonic Acid Shampoo + Minoxidil Solution

The War Against Hair Loss. Just Got Winnable.

Permanently Bring Back Your Hair

A healthy, strong head of hair suggests a healthy, strong man.

Yet for millions of men, a full head of hair is a nothing but a distant memory. A long-dead version of a past that’s been stolen by the ravages of time.

But we can wind back the clock with Fortero.

Our one-of-a-kind shampoo prevents and reverses hair loss by solving the deep-down problem that’s blocking hair regrowth.

By clearing the follicle-blocking sweat, debris and sebum from the scalp, the hair has room to flourish as nutrient delivery is re-introduced.

What was once a withered, dead hair suddenly pops to life!

The Fortero minoxidil solution is clinically proven to encourage new hair growth by tricking cells into shortening their “rest” phase, instead putting them into overdrive to produce new hair (AKA, the “anagen” stage).


Fight Baldness With Bubbles

Most men don’t realize that it’s not their diet, activity levels, or even their genes that are keeping them bald. It’s their own scalp! 

Gunky, greasy sebum is a byproduct of the skin, but it tends to accumulate around hair follicles – especially on the top of the head where it’s impossible to scrub finely enough to clear its microscopic deposits. 

Fortero carbonic acid shampoo delivers millions of tiny carbon bubbles that do the cleaning for you.

Eight times more potent than a carbon bubble spa treatment, Fortero blasts the sebum out of its stronghold on a molecular level and allows hair follicles to flourish.

The carbon bubbles also allow other hair growth products, like minoxidil, to penetrate deeper, work faster, and grant better results.

Minoxidil: Your Trusty Weapon In The Fight Against Baldness

Fortero’s active ingredient is called minoxidil. First refined in the 1950s, it was originally used to treat ulcers, but researchers noticed a weird side effect during trials: all the test patients exploded with new hair!

The researchers quickly realized its potential to help fight back against hair loss and it’s been successfully used by millions of men around the world since.

Minoxidil is a vasodilator, meaning it makes blood vessels broader and stronger. That means more blood flow, more oxygen, and more nutrients to the hair follicles that need them most.

We hold ourselves to high standards.

That’s why our products are:


We hate bragging. So we’ll let some of our users do it for us

The results appear instantaneously, particularly with notice of the near entire cessation of hair loss. The comfort comes with how the products soothe the scalp, and the aromatic sensations are quite nice!   ー Fabio 


I love Fortero. I saw new hair starting after two uses. Well, it has been 6 uses now and there is no doubt that my previously receding hairline is no longer receding but ADVANCING. I am overjoyed!  ー Francis


I’ve used it about a month and already my hair is gotten thicker and healthier. it’s not falling off so easily like it was and my scalp is already filling up gaps of hair that was thinned out! ー Jorge




The Typical Timeline: How Fast Does Fortero Work?

①Your First 60 Days

Just like losing weight or working out, it takes consistent action across several months to see results. But when the hair sprouts, it sprouts hard!

In these first two months, you’ll likely see your hair loss slow and stop as you notice fewer hairs on your pillow and in the shower drain.

Thanks to the one-two punch of carbonic acid and minoxidil, that younger, more robust head of hair is on its way!

②Months 3 through 6

You can look forward to stronger, healthier, and thicker hair as your scalp grows to full density. The more consistent you use the products, the more powerful your results, so we strongly encourage you to be patient and stick to a schedule!

Now’s the time that noticeable improvement is obvious as hair loss has slowed, stopped, or in many cases, reversed.


③Month 6+

By this point, the products have taken full effect and you’ll likely be back to a bushy, youthful head of hair.

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Get your hair fixed, the time is now!

Your hair regrowth begins when you take action.




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