How to Get Stronger Hair & Promote Hair Growth

How to Get Stronger Hair & Promote Hair Growth

If you want strong hair that’s easy to manage, you’re not alone. It can feel difficult for many of us to get the hair we want. While your genes do have a bit of say in the matter, here are ten tips to help you learn how to get stronger hair. 

     1. Watch Your Diet

Your hair is part of your body. What you eat can affect your hair. Just like you feel horrible if you live off of frozen meals and eat takeout every day, your hair hurts too. By eating right, you can help the follicles of your hair become stronger. 

     2. Use Oil

Adding argan oil or coconut oil, among others, can nourish, repair, and moisturize dry hair. When you use oil, you should use it on slightly damp hair, and use only a minimal amount to avoid extra buildup, which could lead to damage. 

     3. Brush Less

The more you brush and comb your hair, the more likely you are to yank out whole strands. This doesn’t mean you should stop brushing; just keep it to a minimum. 

If your hairstyle or process is dependent on using a brush or excessive combing, think about using a gel or spray that can create fullness while keeping your hair in position. Or talk to your hairstylist to find a better style for you. 

     4. Use the Right Shampoo

Rather than reaching for a cheap shampoo full of artificial dyes and fragrances along with harsh chemicals that can cause your hair to go dry and brittle, pick a shampoo to help your hair stay fresh, healthy, and attractive. Choose a shampoo that will keep your scalp clean and promote strong hair growth

     5. Pat Dry or Use Low Heat

When your hair is wet, it is at its most vulnerable state, so be nice to it. When you get done with a shower, don’t just throw a towel on your head and vigorously rub and scrub your hair and scalp until it’s dry. Instead, take a dry towel and gently pat your hair dry. 

You can use a hairdryer, but excessive heat can damage your hair. Instead of hot, concentrated heat, focus on trying to use low heat while continually shifting which part of your head you focus on. 

     6. Take Lukewarm Showers

Steaming showers can feel good and help relax your muscles, but hot water can strip your hair of healthy, natural, protective oils. Some men try to swing the other way and take freezing showers, but that comes with its own risks. 

Cold water causes the capillaries in your scalp to constrict, which means less blood flow. With less blood flow, your hair follicles won’t get the nutrients they need to stay healthy and strong. The best solution is to go with a lukewarm shower that is close to your body temperature. 

     7. Be Natural 

When learning how to get strong hair, you can tap into the strength of the hair that grows naturally from your head. Altering your hair by straightening, coloring, or perming can damage and weaken your hair. 

If you are struggling to find a style that works for you with your natural hair, talk to your hairstylist. They will help you find a good style that looks good for your hair type and can help strengthen your hair. 

     8. Use Fewer Products

Products can help you add life, body, and shine to your hair and give you the perfect look and texture for your style, but they could also damage your hair. If you use too much product, it will start to weigh down your hair. These products can sit in your hair follicles and weaken them over time. 

     9. Use the Right Tools

A key part of knowing how to get thicker and stronger hair involves not ripping or breaking it. Even the strongest hair is delicate. You need to know which tool to use and how to work with your hair without damaging it. If you’re still using the same cheap brush you used when you were a teenager, it’s past time for a change. 

     10. Be Safe in the Sun

Don’t spend too much time in the sun with your head exposed. Getting a sunburn on your scalp can weaken and thin your hair, which makes it that much easier for you to get another sunburn. Keep your head covered with a loose-fitting hat to keep your hair healthy while you’re in the sun. 

How Can I Make My Hair Thicker and Stronger Naturally? 

The first place to start to improve your hair is with your diet. By keeping an eye on what you’re eating, you give your hair the ingredients it needs to grow thicker and stronger naturally. 

Why Is My Hair So Weak? 

Your hair can be weak for a wide range of reasons. Typically, the biggest reason for weak hair is that it’s being mistreated. Using the wrong products, excessive heat, or chemicals can damage and weaken your hair.

How Can I Strengthen My Thinning Hair? 

Using the right shampoo and conditioner can help give your scalp and hair follicles the nutrients they need while keeping them clean and not causing any extra damage. It takes time for your hair to grow, so make sure that whatever you choose to do to improve your hair strength, you keep it up over weeks and months for long-term results. 

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