SIMFORT Hair Growth Shampoo Review

SIMFORT Hair Growth Shampoo Review

Many people struggle with hair loss, especially men. It is an issue I have struggled with over the past several years. It is a difficult subject for many men to talk about, and those that are challenged with hair loss are always looking for a solution. There are many reasons people have hair loss, from stress to medications and many other reasons; believe me, I have done the research. In most cases, hair loss is due to genetics that you can't do much about, but other things can have a negative effect as well. There are many solutions out there that claim to help slow or reverse the effects of hair loss. Again, I have tried quite a few, but SIMFORT is the only one I have had positive results with.

I was pretty young when my hair loss first started; I would notice lots of hair in the shower drain and was continually finding hair on my clothes and in my car. So I started doing my own research and found there are quite a few things that can cause or accelerate hair loss, including:

  • Genetics
  • Diet
  • Stress
  • The products you use on your hair and how you use them

Many people don't realize how much impact the products you use on your hair when washing it can have. So my question was, can hair growth shampoo for men really work to help slow hair loss or help regrow it? Like with all health issues having a routine that supports and nourishes your hair is essential. Things like how often you wash your hair and how harsh the shampoo you use is can impact not just your actual hair but also your scalp health, which is directly tied to hair health. Most guys don't give this much thought, but if hair loss is a concern, it is something you should be paying attention to like I now do. Most guys buy cheap hair products that can not only damage your hair but can also dry out your scalp, magnifying hair loss issues.

SIMFORT hair growth shampoo is designed to be used as a part of a regular hair care routine without the damaging side effects of stripping away essential nutrients and drying out your scalp.

A Natural Approach to Hair Growth

There are hair growth shampoos containing drugs approved by the FDA, and then there is SIMFORT, which uses all-natural ingredients to promote hair growth. In general, my approach to health is to use natural products and remedies whenever possible. This is not just an approach I used when researching and selecting a hair loss shampoo; it's how I approach all my health issues. I always look for natural remedies before using any harsh chemical solutions that can often have side effects that are just as bad or worse than the condition you are using them for. We have all watched drug commercials and listened to them list all the side effects at the end of the ad. So why not try an all-natural approach? That is what I always try to do, and as I said, what lead me to try SIMFORT.

What I liked about SIMFORT was their natural approach to healthy hair and scalp. Again, as I researched hair growth products, I found a few things that were important when considering products; they are as follows:

  • Promote a healthy scalp
  • Use natural ingredients that don't damage hair with regular use
  • Strengthen your existing hair
  • Counteract the adverse effects of environmental interactions
  • Stimulate growth on your scalp and in individual hairs
  • Counteract dihydrotestosterone (DHT) the hormone found to lead to hair loss

SIMFORT, by using naturally-occurring ingredients, checks off all of these boxes. SIMFORT uses natural carbonic acid to clean your scalp and promote healthy hair growth while, at the same time, gently cleansing your hair. Carbonic acid helps to unclog the hair pores in your scalp, increases blood circulation, and repairs the hair follicles, all things that encourage healthy hair growth. Making sure the hair growth shampoo I chose did not include harmful ingredients like paraben, sodium, and sulfate common in many hair products today was important to me, and again SIMFORT checked that box.

Since I began using SIMFORT hair growth shampoo, I have noticed a significant difference in my hair's health and thickness. As with all claims of natural remedies, I was skeptical but what I found was that SIMFORT was the best hair growth shampoo for me. If you struggle with hair loss or even if you are just looking for a healthy shampoo to maintain scalp and healthy hair, I would encourage you to give SIMFORT a try. I think you will be as pleased with the results as I have been and will make SIMFORT hair growth shampoo a part of your healthy hair routine.

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