Regrow A Thick, Bushy Head Of Hair

– And Even Return Grays To Their Original Color

Bring Vitality Back To Your Scalp With An Ultra-Effective Boost Of All-Natural Herbs And Extracts That Gets To The Root Of The Problem (Literally!)

For Any Type Of Scalp, Any Level Of Baldness, Or Any Head Of Hair

Instead of trying to fight genetics, Simfort dislodges the greasy sebum that inhibits most men’s hair growth. You can look forward to natural ingredients with no side effects, ever!

We engineered Simfort from the ground up to be the safest hair restoration product available. It’s 100% organic, pesticide-free, and contains no artificial additives or fillers, and you’ll see progress in weeks, not months.

No animals were harmed in the development, testing or manufacture of Simfort, so you can rest easy knowing your haircare is animal-friendly and eco-conscious.

Parabens are preservatives found in many pharmaceuticals and shampoos that can cause hormonal side effects and even cancer. There’s no paraben in Simfort and never will be.


Sebum: The Root Of The Problem


From Gunk To Hunk


Jumpstart A Manly Forest On Your Head

Beyond its natural ingredients, Simfort also improves blood circulation to the scalp

Users of Simfort can expect improved blood circulation in the scalp, which is key for overall head health and keeping your body clean of toxins and bacteria. Trust it like a lubricant to keep all the cells on your scalp running smoothly.

I’ve used it for about 4 times now, I wasn’t really going through too much of a loss, but it really makes my hair feel thick and kid of full again


This is the first time I use a shampoo that comes out as bubble foam. I was so surprised at the moist feeling after shampooing, which I have never experienced with any other shampoo I have used before.


The California sun and heat were making my hair dry and brittle...until I started using Simfort. Now, my scalp is deep cleaned and my hair is strong and soft to the touch thanks to the Sparkling Scalp Shampoo and Hair Treatment.


I get complimented on how thick my hair is quite frequently! I love using foam shampoo so it really feels like I’m getting a good washing! I encourage you to try it out for sure!


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