No Chemicals, No Toxins, No Unhealthy Ingredients. Just Results.

paraben free
synthetic colorant free
synthetic fragrances free
silicon free
mineral oil free

Penetrates Deep Into Scalp To Kickstart Natural Hair Growth

hair spray lueha

Promotes local blood circulation to delivery oxygen and nutrients the way your body was designed to

hair spray lueha

Moisturizes and soften scalp, making it a fertile and welcoming place for new hair to sprout

hair spray lueha

Specially formulated to pierce the scalp and saturate stubborn hair follicles from every angle

LUEHA: Natural, Powerful, And Dermatologist Approved


spray lueha

Straight From The Earth To Your Scalp


hair spray lueha

So Easy A Kid Could Do It


doctor recommendation

Dermatologists Give It One Big Thumb’s Up

Important Shipping Information

In order to maintain the highest quality product, LUEHA is shipped directly from a dedicated warehouse, separate from other SIMFORT products. As a result, delivery time may be longer in some areas, so we highly recommend ordering early. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience!

The Sooner You Act… The Sooner Your Healthy Head Will Thank You

Just 3,600 in total. No more and no less.

That’s the number of weekends, on average, you’ll enjoy in your entire lifetime.

Wasting just a few more of these precious weekends, staying in, hiding under hats and combovers,

rejecting your best possible self is an act in futility.

It’s a rejection of your own future happiness – happiness that you deserve!

You only get one life. You only get one head.

Make sure both of them are the best they can be.

Get LUEHA, spray it on, and watch the hair return – and your confidence, youth, and sense of adventure right along with it.

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