LUEHA Scalp Lotion


Just a step spray away to get healthier hair. It is a scalp spray that is specially formulated to penetrate the scalp and to activate stubborn hair follicles from every angle. It promotes blood circulation, which deliveres oxygen and nutrients towards the scalp. Furthermore, it moisturizes and soften scalp, making it a fertile and welcoming new hair to sprout. LUEHA has No side effects! It is naturally potent, organic ingredients like swertia japonica extract for blood circulationand dipotassium glycyrrhizate to make the scalp more fertile and hair-friendly.

✔︎ Paraben free ✔︎ Sulfate free ✔︎ Cruelty free ✔︎ Sunthetic fragrances free ✔︎ Silicon free ✔︎ Mineral oil free