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The problem is, no matter what kind of hair growth products you use, your thinning hair isn't getting any better.
Blaming your thinning hair on heredity?
The truth is, even washing your head every day, more than 90% of men's scalps are still dirty!
The reason could be the regular shampoo you're using right now...
Regular shampoos just can't remove all the dirt from your scalp!
This is a big cause of hair loss in American men.
If your scalp is clogged with dirt, blood flow is poor and pores get blocked, so nutrients can't get into your scalp.

There is no room for hair to grow, so finally the hair roots die and thinning just gets worse.
This isn't a good scalp condition for hair growth!
Of course, with such a bad scalp environment, it doesn't matter what kind of high-end care products you use.
However, it's not easy to remove years of dirt stuck deep in pores.
Over-the-counter shampoos can only remove surface dirt, and can cause severe damage because they're too strong.
So, your thinning hair will only get worse.

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"Carbonic Acid Shampoo, SIMFORT!" can easily remove even old dirt clinging deep in pores.
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SIMFORT is such a big hit it's been featured in well-known magazines such as GQ, WIRED, and Golf Digest.

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It's SIMFORT's ultra-dense carbonated foam!
The concentration of carbonic acid is 8 times more than a head spa, at 8,000 PPM!
The carbonated bubbles - smaller than hair roots - get deep into pores to absorb oils and dirt, cleaning as though a layer got peeled away!

Just look at how dense it is!
Look how dense it is, even when you turn it over!
And that's not all!

Not only that... SIMFORT is also helps blood circulation.
Look at how the arms of SIMFORT users glow a healthy red.
When blood circulation improves, more nutrients reach the hair roots.

But the appeal of SIMFORT doesn't end there...

It's loaded with seven useful ingredients also used in hair growth products!
With a carbonated, clean scalp and good blood circulation, these effective agents penetrate quickly and easily!
A healthy scalp environment that makes it easier for hair to grow!
Are you thinking, "No, that's not possible..."?

Look how much thicker my hair has become!

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